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CSOFT International is a translation, localization, and global communication services provider that helps international businesses reach out to customers around the world.

AI translation is helping distribute crucial information on climate change to activists worldwide

Language Preservation, Climate Action, and LLMs: How AI Translation is Driving Positive Change

Is anyone still looking for proof in 2023 that the future of multilingual communications is at the intersection of human and AI translation? If the rise of voice AI and a multilingual ChatGPT left room for doubt, this week brings compelling new evidence to dispel it, highlighting in especially human terms how technology-driven localization can […]

Terminology management is changing as Microsoft closes its language portal

Terminology Management: How Microsoft Language Portal’s Coming End Reinforces Professional Localization

As the language industry faces profound technological change, service providers of all stripes must be quick to adapt in ways that surprise even the best prepared, and many are now finding that includes even the most fundamental methodologies like terminology management. If the 2019 closure of Google’s Translator Toolkit raised questions about the long-term role […]

eLearning translation helps companies get the most out of their Rise and Storyline content

eLearning Translation and Localization: Delivering Top-Quality Courseware Across Borders with Rise and Storyline

When it comes to localizing educational or training content, it is important to work with an expert eLearning translation service provider that can support your projects in both Articulate Rise and Articulate Storyline. Together, the two put a platform beneath nearly all of today’s eLearning content worldwide, making them a key work platform for language […]

M&A localization is essential to change management when crossing borders

The Top 5 M&A Localization Documents for Successful International Integration

The prospect of an international merger or acquisition would be a major source of concern for business execs without M&A localization, from document translation to multilingual interpreting and beyond. One of the most challenging factors in international mergers and acquisitions is securing consistent and effective document translation, provisioned via M&A localization services. M&A are involved […]

Chatbots are a feature of the latest push to improve language AI

Rumors and Rumblings of GPT-4: What Lies Ahead for Language AI’s Leading Model?

Since its release in the early days of pandemic, language AI’s first-ever autonomous dialogue agent, OpenAI’s GPT-3, has likely generated more of controversy that it has of text or speech. From a language services perspective, where machine translation is a constantly advancing artificial intelligence, this astonishing algorithm’s every achievement has proved a frequent reminder of […]