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Gathering around holiday films is one of the best ways to celebrate the season

Home Alone, Love Actually, the Grinch, and More: Favorite Holiday Films for the Season of Gatherings from CSOFTers Around the World

At CSOFT and in households across the world, holiday films have a way of reminding us why we celebrate at this special time of year. For two decades at CSOFT, celebrating the holiday season as a global team has been at the core of our company’s culture, from sharing our favorite recipes in cookbooks like […]

Language AI getting better day by day

Language AI in the News: Closing the Gap to Human Communications

Modern language AI is advancing at an unprecedented pace as innovation and research drives developers to create state-of-the-art language models that continue to inch closer to natural human speech patterns and cognitive reasoning. In our ongoing discussion on language AI and natural language processing (NLP), we have discussed ways in which these technologies have expanded […]

Language AI in the news

Expanding Language AI: Automated Communications Reaching New Markets in More Languages

As AI technology expands into new markets, how effective is language AI at performing its job in new languages? For anyone following our series on language AI, the expansion of language functions and new opportunities for deployment of this technology in both foreign and domestic markets has clear and difficult challenges. As companies and researchers […]

NLG advances again this week!

Language AI in the News: Expanding Natural Language Generation (NLG) Capabilities

Two weeks ago, in our ongoing discussion on advancements in AI language functions and capabilities, we looked at Nvidia’s announcement on its development of the world’s most powerful natural language generation (NLG) model to date, surpassing GPT-3 as the latest high-powered text generator model. Following suit, Nvidia this week has made the decision to offer […]

Natural language processing becomes quantum

Keeping Up With AI: Quantum Natural Language Processing (QNLP)

As we recently discussed in our ongoing look at linguistic AI, natural language processing (NLP) is an established technology with astonishing real-world applications in areas such as machine translation that nevertheless seems often to be on the sidelines of newsworthy developments in more experimental areas like natural language generation (NLG). Now, however, NLP is getting a new infusion from the cutting-edge of computer science with reports from Cambridge Quantum on their development of […]

Linguistic AI struggles with analogies, a key aspect of human translation

Learning Without Analogies: Why Linguistic AI Struggles Where Human Linguists Excel

What do human linguists have that linguistic AI doesn’t? No longer a question just for the localization industry and machine translation, how well AI can replace people in communications is a shifting story in the world at large, and often a sensationalist one. A long view of developments suggests the true answer to what AI lacks is much more elusive than any one type of computational power, but the search for a specific mechanism is important not only to computer science but also psychology and biology today, as discovery continues […]