M&A localization is essential to change management when crossing borders

The Top 5 M&A Localization Documents for Successful International Integration

The prospect of an international merger or acquisition would be a major source of concern for business execs without M&A localization, from document translation to multilingual interpreting and beyond. One of the most challenging factors in international mergers and acquisitions is securing consistent and effective document translation, provisioned via M&A localization services. M&A are involved […]

Chatbots are a feature of the latest push to improve language AI

Rumors and Rumblings of GPT-4: What Lies Ahead for Language AI’s Leading Model?

Since its release in the early days of pandemic, language AI’s first-ever autonomous dialogue agent, OpenAI’s GPT-3, has likely generated more of controversy that it has of text or speech. From a language services perspective, where machine translation is a constantly advancing artificial intelligence, this astonishing algorithm’s every achievement has proved a frequent reminder of […]

SEO website translation is set to benefit from Google's new rules

SEO Website Translation: New Priorities from Google for Ensuring Global Relevance in Multilingual Content

SEO (search engine optimization) is in focus this week amid news of updates from Google to its criteria for ranking websites, introducing new implications for multilingual SEO website translation for businesses and content publishers marketing across languages. SEO, or the process of structuring web content so that it will perform well in online searches for […]

Language AI now includes digital voice actors

Digital Voice Actors: How an Emerging Language AI May Create, Not Replace Opportunity for Language Services

With the emergence of natural language generation (NLG) – a class of language AI that can not only read and translate, but actually create original content – video and entertainment localization are just one of many fields experiencing the disruptive impact of automation in areas long reserved for human talent. Yet, while there is a […]

CSOFT Joins 2022 Making Strides of Boston Walk in Support of Breast Cancer Awareness

Sunday, September 25th, members of CSOFT’s Boston Headquarters and visiting members of CSOFT’s global team convened in Back Bay for the American Cancer Society’s annual Making Strides of Boston walk for breast cancer awareness, carrying forward CSOFT’s annual tradition of walking in support of this important cause. Those able to answer the call to take […]

machine translation evolving beside language AI

Language AI and Machine Translation: Algorithms Teach Themselves the Rules of Language

In the weeks since we last surveyed the evolving realm of language AI, machine translation continues to advance innovative trends in localization gaining industry focus this month, while startling experimental breakthroughs are again challenging assumptions about what this class of technologies can achieve – now, without even a preliminary training, and across languages it has […]