CSOFT at the DIA 2022 Annual Meeting in Chicago

Checking in with CSOFT from the DIA 2022 Annual Meeting in Chicago

CSOFT is back from Chicago this week following a successful exhibit at the DIA 2022 Annual Meeting, where the team joined some of the most innovative companies in global and decentralized clinical trials, patient recruitment, and patient education to represent CSOFT Health Sciences, leaders in medical translations for the quickly changing drug industry. Exhibiting at […]

Language AI can tackle ancient script almost as well as modern languages

Advancing Language AI: Machine Learning Helps Translate the Ancient World for Immersive Gaming

In a world of streaming entertainment and serious innovation, where do game localization and experimental language AI cross paths? This week, one common theme appears to be the distant past, as yet another natural language processing (NLP) algorithm tackles an ancient language without modern corollaries to see what AI can reveal about its remnant hieroglyphs […]

Investment banking translation helps move the world.

Navigating the Pressures of Cross-border Finance with Investment Banking Translation

As inflation dampens commercial prospects across industries and sectors, it is difficult to think that demand for financial services would remain aloft, but how the current economy is impacting communication areas like investment banking translation may yet be another story. With some facing potentially greater needs for credit line extensions and other means of navigating […]

A look at the growing push for transparency in language AI

Language AI in the News: Ethical Problems in Automated Communications Highlight the Virtues of Language Services

When language AI talks, should it have to explain itself? Those keeping up with the latest applications of natural language processing (NLP) and natural language generation (NLG) may have noticed a subtle shift in the ongoing discussion of ethics surrounding algorithms like GPT-3, which has long dwelt on whether AI will channel our more malevolent […]

Language AI is advancing through a Mixture of Experts model

Advancing Language AI: How a Mixture of Experts Empowers Translation for Low-Resource Languages

Language AI and translation technology are constantly improving, but when are advances in technologies like natural language processing (NLP) truly significant? With a steady stream of news forthcoming, keeping a view of the bigger picture can be a challenge, while the vocabulary of algorithmic concepts that developers are tinkering with is more elaborate at each […]

Language AI is advancing AI for the financial industry

Advancing Language AI: How GPT Is Bringing a Wary Industry into the Age of AI-powered Communications

As a class of technology centered on automating information, language AI is one of the most widely deployed forms of artificial intelligence across all industries and sectors, led in large part by the globalization potential of machine translation and solidified in the widespread adoption of tools like chatbots, document text recognition, and linguistic data-driven analytics. […]

Large Language Models

Taking on Large Language Models: BigScience Workshop Tackles Innovation and Research for the 2022 Language AI Market

As we have explored extensively in our recent posts on advancing language AI, the most dynamic developments in areas like NLG and NLP have tended to come via large language models (LLMs) that require massive and high-quality datasets to train, which naturally favors large companies and software groups who alone manage access to these datasets. […]

This year in language AI

This Year in Language AI: Strides Towards Perfecting Language AI Communications

This year in language AI, we have followed many newsworthy developments in natural language processing (NLP), natural language generation (NLG), and natural language understanding (NLU), highlighting the most impressive trends and technological advancements in the process of machine learning (ML) for language-based applications. Throughout this discussion, our focus has been on the effectiveness of these […]