5 Technologies that Changed Translation and Communication

  In our globalized world, communication between countries is becoming more and more essential and quick and accurate translations are necessary to accommodating this trend. Economic growth and diplomacy also depend on our ability to communicate fluently, and it is the goal of international organizations, from the UN to the EU, to bring together otherwise disparate peoples, […]

e learning m learning

The Transition from e-Learning to m-Learning

The terms e-learning and m-learning (m for mobile) are often used interchangeably, but they remain quite distinct in their scope. Whereas e-learning transformed conventional methods of instruction by enabling students to learn from their home or office, m-learning, generally regarded as a branch of e-learning, is further revolutionizing how we learn by making education available […]

Five Times Machines Were Hired to Do a Human’s Job

Five Times Machines Were Hired to Do a Human’s Job

For millennials, it’s hard to remember a time when machines weren’t already doing the jobs of humans. After all, almost every daily activity is automated these days; we use machines to withdraw money, buy train tickets, and scan groceries. Machines even answer our queries on the phone, as well as assemble our cars. As a result, […]