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Localizing the Fifth of May: One Big Ol’ Global Party

Hey y’all! Stop by the blog today to check out the different holidays that are being celebrated across the globe. From Japan to Mexico, Thailand to the Netherlands, we’ll take you on a whirlwind of celebration involving good eats, kite flying, scripture chanting, and margaritas! Come on by and see how you can add a little celebratory flair to your Thursday…. See you there!


The Royal Wedding – Definitions on

Hi everyone! It’s Friday, and we’re here with a celebratory post in honor of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding. Stop by to find out some fun facts about the dynamic duo’s wedding progress, brought to you by If you’re in the mood for pizza, definitely stop by and read about how you can get your hands on some “royal pizza”! See you there!

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Tuesday Tips – Three Localization Pointers from Gloria

Hi everyone! Check out today’s Tuesday Tips post for some quick localization pointers from one of CSOFT’s lead project managers, Gloria. Gloria offers suggestions on how to manage time and how to make sure everyone stays on the same page. She also tells us whether project management is closer to rocket science or learning a language, and why. Read more today!


TermWiki’s One Millionth Contributor: An Interview with Raúl Barrera

Hey everyone! Stop by and check out our interview with TermWiki’s one millionth term contributor, Raúl Barrera! Last Monday evening, he translated the term “net current assets” into Spanish and contributed the one millionth term… who knew net current assets were so exciting?! Find out what Raúl has to say about TermWiki, contributing the one millionth term, and more!