Chiara Conte Talks Globalization East West Trend

CSOFT’s Chiara Conte Talks Globalization and East-to-West Trend

To give you an inside peek into CSOFT’s Global Language department, we’d like to introduce you to Chiara Conte, our Assistant Site Manager and Director of Global Languages. Chiara has been working with CSOFT since 2009 and was recently transferred to our branch in Shenzhen, a city full of entrepreneurs and aspiring startups. In this […]

Shenzhen Globalization Image

CSOFT to Assist with Shenzhen Globalization Efforts

Chinese companies appear to be enjoying their golden age of global expansion; Huawei, Alibaba, Xiao Mi, Haier, TP-Link and Mindray are all examples of domestic Chinese companies that have successfully taken their business models to the global market. Unfortunately, for every Huawei or Mindray, there are many companies that encounter enormous hurdles. While 85 percent […]

InTheNews:China’sPropertyBubble,China RussiaGasDeal,LargestEverChineseIPO

In The News: China’s Property Bubble and much more

With China’s property sales down 7.7 percent in the first quarter, many investors fear that the country’s housing bubble could burst at anytime. Read on to find out about Moody’s take on China’s real estate. You’ll also read about China and Russia’s $400 billion gas supply deal and the success story of China’s biggest online retailer,, on its first day of trading.