November 26th, 2015

What does ‘ China going global ’ mean?

Let’s say you want to purchase a product that is not made in China; you probably have to look twice as hard. That’s just the way things are. Many of the things we use, eat, and drink are either made in China, assembled in China or increasingly so, have been bought out by Chinese companies. But as to the extent of the international awareness of Chinese brands, there’s definitely room for improvement. From a Western consumer perspective, if everything is made in China, and big Western companies are expanding into China, why are Chinese companies so intent on expanding West? Do they really crave overseas brand recognition?Global Image

November 25th, 2015

Winner of I Translate Competition Round 2: Siqi Zhu (a.k.a. Juice Zhu)

Round 2 of the I Translate campaign has officially closed. For this Halloween inspired round of competition, we asked respondents to answer the question “What’s the scariest thing that would happen in a world without linguists?” The contest was open to linguists and to those who understand and appreciate the importance of translation. Our winner was selected based on the creativity of their response.

The winner of our second competition is: Sizi Zhu (a.k.a. Juice Zhu).

I Translate Image


November 23rd, 2015

I Translate: It’s More Than Just Translation, it’s …

This Holiday Season, we’d like to invite you all to participate in our third I Translate, I Transform competition. Both linguists and those who appreciate linguists alike understand how important translation is in our ever changing world. Please show your support and join us in the season of celebration by entering for your chance to win an Amazon Fire Tablet!

To enter, please like the I Translate Facebook page and complete the sentence “It’s more than just translation, it’s ….”

I Translate Flyer

November 19th, 2015

Social Media and the Evolution of Language

With words such as “unfriend,” “selfie” and “lol” finding their way from our computer screens to our everyday vocabulary, there’s no denying social media has a significant impact on the way we communicate. It exposes language to a constant state of alternation, regeneration, and according to some, deterioration. Language naturally changes with the times, and with the growth of online communication comes an introduction of shortened, time-saving phrases. But is social media really killing our language, or is it simply changing the way we express ourselves?

Language Image


November 17th, 2015

Silicon Shenzhen – Part 2

Last week here on T for Translation, we explored the differences and similarities between Shenzhen and Silicon Valley. Today, our juxtaposition of the two metropolises continues as the question “Should we call Shenzhen ‘The New Silicon Valley?’” lingers in the air.

Shenzhen Image

November 11th, 2015

Multiculturalism: How to Identify a True Friend in China and Brazil

Here at CSOFT International, you’re guaranteed multiculturalism. Our coworkers come from various parts of the world—China, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand to name a few. And if you experience life together with such a diverse group of people, your worldview may never be the same again.

China and Brazil Image


November 10th, 2015

Silicon Shenzhen

For a few years now, technology and business journalists have been boasting about Shenzhen, proclaiming the erstwhile sleepy fishing village to be the Silicon Valley of the Orient. This bombastic designation, however, overlooks the nuances that define these two distinct centers of technological and commercial innovation. In order to appreciate the very individual natures of Shenzhen and the Valley, it’s crucial to appreciate their disparate yet similar histories.

Image of Shenzhen

November 5th, 2015
Comments Off on What Does “I Translate, I Transform” Mean to You?

What Does “I Translate, I Transform” Mean to You?

“I translate, I transform.” What does this phrase mean to you? CSOFT’s very own Will Knight presented his panelists with that question at the recent CSOFT’s 11th Annual Summit in September. On the panel were Paul Liotti, technical communications and localization manager for Carestream, Annya Sedova-Bertram, senior manager at EMC, and Francois Zhang, director for HuaWei technology’s Nanjing labs division.

I Translate Panel


November 4th, 2015

The Latest Translation Technology

Imagine a time in which we are no longer lost in translation. With the current pace of technological innovation, this might be the future we can look forward to in a few years. Avid travelers no longer have difficulties ordering food in restaurants nor make the mistake of walking into the wrong gender’s bathroom, as they can use apps that can provide instant visual translation. By pointing their phone’s camera at a sign, apps such as WayGo and Word Lens will instantaneously translate it.

Translation Technology Image

November 3rd, 2015

Learning through Chinese Idioms: “异曲同工” (yìqǔtónggōng)

Hi all! In today’s T for Translation, we want to help you gain a better understanding of Chinese culture by learning a series of Chinese idioms. Understanding Chinese traditions and customs can go a long way, especially if you are thinking of expanding your business to the Middle Kingdom.  Today we are going to learn a Chinese proverb that says “different paths can take one to the same goal.”

different paths can take one to the same goal