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CSOFT Summit 2015 Breakout Session Recap

During the 11th Annual CSOFT Summit, attendees of the official conference on September 17, 2015 were lucky enough to have 3 breakout sessions to choose from. The popularity of all three sessions was overwhelming, and there unfortunately wasn’t enough space for everyone to attend. Thankfully, we’ve managed to gather together a summary of all three sessions for […]

Chiara Conte: The First CSOFT Summit Made Me Feel Part of the CSOFT Family

CSOFT Summits are always filled with insightful presentations and networking opportunities; it’s no wonder CSOFT’s Global Director of Languages Chiara Conte can’t wait for the next one to come around. As you might already know, this year’s Summit is scheduled to take place in Beijing from September 16-17th. Chiara Conte recently sat down with one […]

Lnguists on Simply CSOFT

Profiles of CSOFT’s Linguists, Part 3 (Isabelle Verpeaux, Emma Kuo and Taeko Fujiwara]

CSOFT would not be a leading language service provider if it wasn’t for its strong network of more than 10,000 linguists worldwide. That’s why we are excited to reunite with some of our talented translators at the CSOFT Annual Summit next month.  Three more linguists have confirmed their attendance—Isabelle Verpeaux, Emma Kuo and Taeko Fujiwara. […]