5 Tools Translators Love

CSOFT provides localization and translation services to businesses around the globe. With a network of accomplished linguists and translators working across 170 countries, we know that our team is one of the best in the world.

So which tools do CSOFT’s linguists use to help them translate, and which are their favorites? We sat down with our in-house linguists to ask them about their favorite translation tools – and here are the results.

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I Translate: Are Lithuanians REALLY Required to Love Basketball?

As a global organization specializing in the localization and translation market, we have in-house translators that speak a variety of languages. Are Lithuanians really required to love basketball? Today we’ll introduce you to Edvardas Chmieliauskas, a global resources coordinator hailing from Lithuania. Although his workload is not just specifically translation focused, his experiences with language […]