Internet Domain Name Localization - Clearing the Confusion!

3 Chinese Tech Giants Who Globalized Successfully

The People’s Republic has seen a lot of foreign companies find success in recent years, but a shift is happening in the market. It involves less foreign expansion into China and more innovation coming out of the country. Technology is at the forefront of the shift, with Chinese tech companies beginning to outperform their foreign counterparts. […]


I Translate: Are Chinese People Really That Good at Ping Pong?

As a global organization specializing in the localization and translation market, we have in-house translators that speak a variety of languages. Today we’ll introduce you to our very own Wenlei Qu, a Chinese Linguist here at CSOFT international. We will once again be breaking down some stereotypes about Chinese people with our expert from Qingdao. The […]

CSOFT's 2011 Operations Summit: Music Industry Translations

CSOFT’s 2011 Operations Summit: Music Industry Translations

Gear up for part two of our CSOFT Annual Operations Summit overview! Today’s post is dedicated to the Friday Night Party, a CSOFT tradition that wraps up our week of conferences, team-building and presentations. This year, our President and CEO treated us to an inaugural CSOFT International Symphony. Read more to see the highlights and find out how exactly a symphony orchestra ties in with localization!