3 Recent Innovations in Translation

3 Recent Innovations in Translation

Translation has been around for a long time—almost as long as written language has been. And up until the middle of the 20th century, when the first machine translations began, all translations were carried out by humans alone. Today, a wealth of translation tools are available, from fully-automated machine translation software to websites, systems, and […]

Using E Learning to Maintain Brand Values While Going Global

Using E-Learning to Maintain Brand Values While Going Global

As a company that is in the wondrous, but often pitfall-laden transition of going global, you may wonder, “How can we, as a company, retain the personal-touch and uniqueness of our brand without the hands-on benefit of actually being onsite?” While there are many strategies that can maintain your brand values abroad, enlisting E-learning as […]

CSOFT's Machine Translation Services

3 Common Problems of Machine Translation Services

On January 7th, 1954, a massive IBM computer, dubbed the “polyglot brainchild”, translated over sixty sentences from Russian to English. This computer, the IBM 701, marked the first publicly announced instance of machine translation services. Lauded as a miracle and a massive advancement in the fields of both computer science and linguistics, this achievement sparked […]

Localizing Mandarin

5 Tips for Localizing in Mandarin

Approximately 1.2 billion people, almost 16% of the world’s population, speak Chinese as their first language, making localizing in Mandarin essential for communicating with this unique demographic. While Chinese is spoken across Asia, when referencing the “Chinese” language, we are generally referring to the Mandarin language, the standard language of China. The majority of China […]